A letter to the next girl he loves

” Maybe he’ll be good to you and love you like he was supposed to love me, but I don’t think he knows how yet. So be warned, he’s too easy to love. You’ll meet him and three days later you’ll miss him the second he stops texting back. It doesn’t matter how tough you think you are, you’re not when it comes to him. He can turn you from a thunderstorm to a rain puddle dripping down the side of the street. Be warned, just because he falls asleep on the phone with you doesn’t mean he isn’t texting four other girls while he listens to your breath on the other side of the phone and the way you love him more than anything bursting from your laugh. And I’m sure he loves you, he probably really does but just because he loves you doesn’t mean he won’t love all the rest of them too. He’ll tell you he hates girls with brown hair and kiss one the next night. He’ll tell you you’re all he needs and you’ll believe him. So will the girl he said it to this morning. You’ll probably love him through the lying. I guess I just wanted to tell you to leave the first time he hurts you. Because he’ll do it again. And again. And it doesn’t matter how many times he calls you baby and says he loves you. It doesn’t matter that he says he’s going to change for you. He’s going to break you down with every blow to the chest and every little excuse until your heart crumbles under your ribs and he’s too busy fucking somebody else to care this time.”


My King

“The aim is, when I find my King, to constantly hold him down, to the point where he’ll never have to second guess himself again. His role will never be affected nor will I ever disrespect him. Anything he wants to achieve, I’ll be right there with him. My inner strength allows me to overcome many obstacles, so if that means us being up all night, for months and months, struggling, barely making ends meet, I’m there, lol, If he honestly thinks a little hard work will steer me off, he’s got me completely wrong. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing your man, work passionately towards something he loves. I would want him to know that I’ve got his best interests at heart, and in order for me to comfortably hold him down, he’ll need to keep it 100 with me always and at his own pace, allow us to vulnerable with each other and let go of every fear and obstacle that stands in our way.”