Old is still Gold

I don’t see myself as an old fashioned person. I like to think as open minded as I am I still reserve some good old traditional values in me. But it truly baffles me when it comes to the mentality of some people and their personal agenda.
What gets me wonder most of the time is what are people’s value of memories and bond built over time. I believe that two people get together not because it’s by choice but in a very special way two people are connected. I don’t believe that two people just meet and got together, I believe in destiny and every happens for a reason.
I hold sentiments very close to me because I believe those are what cannot be bought with money, and they are the most priceless thing that two people share. I’m bamboozled by how people can drop everything in a split second and forget about moments shared and move on.
What I’m trying to say is, even though we live in a modern world does that make it ok for people to just live and let go of things and people that once meant something to them? Irregardless of what could or may be the reason behind that ending of all that but aren’t we all suppose to give ourselves some time to think about what was so special and the reasons why those moments were made.
I rather grow old to know that I have tried to make things work when we have differences instead of throwing things away when it gets hard. Old is still gold.


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