The thing with people is they always think they know it all. So many ignorant people I’ve met lately thinking they know me because I tell them things I want them to know. I am who I am now its because of all the shit people put me through so pardon me when I don’t trust every human being I meet. Because honestly I can’t be fuck about nobody or no one, not even your opinions about me. So if you got an opinion? Keep it to yourself or get the fuck out of my face.

Yes I am me, and I’m not interested in being what anyone else wants me to be anymore. So if you don’t like what you see? Fuck off! If you don’t pay my bills? Keep fucking off!
I wasn’t born to please nobody. I’ve been there and done all of that and I’m sure as hell not going to do any of that all over again for no one anytime soon.

Don’t like me? There’s plenty space to fuck off. I ain’t begging no one. So just fuck off! You’ll be doing yourself a favor!