Not about you anymore

“Even now- I find myself looking for your face in crowded rooms. I know you’re probably thinking I still love you but in my heart- I know that it’s not you anymore. Somehow- I still don’t learn to forget about it anyways. It’s still there. Every single day of my life it’s going to be there and I remember thinking that there was no way in hell I could ever learn to walk about this earth with a past love like yours inside my chest but I know better now. I’ve learned- when love comes, it stays and it stays for a long time. I’ll never forget it but I know now that you can’t always let what you carry inside be heavy- so I remember you but there’s still so much room inside my heart- so many things to fill it with and it’s not about you anymore.”



“Don’t worry- I’ve accepted that he’s not mine to keep anymore. I’ve only allowed him to keep being part of who I am because whether I wanted to love him or not- I loved him. I loved him and it changed me and I understand now that I could never be who I was then. Whether he ever really loved me or not- I know he’s found things in hisself that he doesn’t recognize sometimes. Love is strange in that way- if you love someone it changes you and if someone loves you- it changes you just the same.”