Time of my life…

I’m feeling blessed because I feel as if my world slowly starting to make sense and things are beginning to fall into place somehow. Moments like these makes you feel that all those struggles and sacrifices done was all worth it and it’s an amazing feeling and I can’t seem to put in words but I’m feeling it all in my bones.

I think I finally understand and sometimes patience plays a crucial role in life where us human being us, impatient, impulsive and insatiable, so we tend to doubt and question.

For the pass couple months I have this peace within myself, the exact way to describe it is that I actually feel complete. When I say complete I don’t mean material things or things I can see. It’s an indescribable feeling, I feel calm and I’m telling myself that I no longer need to worry about what the future holds and where it’s going to take me.

Life is full of trials and hurdles to jump, but there nothing lasts forever. I feel like I’m seeing life in a different perspective, the experiences helped me see everything in a bigger picture.

I can finally see the picture that used to seem so blur before of my eyes. I can see a closure, I can see a future.

All I want to say is, thank you for making everything possible!


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