God, it is beautiful

“And so, you just do it. 
You get up, and you say to yourself, 
“I don’t care if my heart is bleeding. I don’t care if thinking of him touching someone else’s skin hurts so bad that some days I can’t even form sentences. I’m not going to let this ruin my life anymore.” 
And just like that, you move on. 
You get out of bed. You look in the mirror and whisper his name until it doesn’t mean anything anymore as it rolls off your tongue. 
You wear his favorite dress and you accept that compliment from another man in the grocery store. 
You get in the shower and feel his fingerprints rinse from your skin. 
You lick your lips without tasting his mouth. 

And baby, you move on with your life. 
It will take a long time. Don’t expect to wake up one morning and never think of him again. 
You’ll move on, but there will be days you still miss him. 
And that’s okay, love. Some days will hurt more than others. 
But you live. 
You visit beautiful places, and you meet beautiful people, and you live. 
You learn that he isn’t the end of everything. 
You learn to be happy on your own. 
And God, it is beautiful.”


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