“I can’t do this on my own”

WHEN LIFE IS TOO HARD TO HANDLE, LIFE HARDSHIPS For some odd reason when people become Christian they think they are signing up for some kind of special club. One where God is the owner and He provides each person with benefits of a life filled with abundant riches and joy.

What they don’t realize is that they are actually signing up for war.

The day you declare that Christ is your Lord and Savior and that you will live your life to glorify Him is the day you are putting a big red target on your back.

It’s the day that whether you like it or not, you must put on not fancy clothes but battle gear.

Because there is an enemy out there who has set out to destroy you.

To make you feel helpless and alone.

To steal your hope and your joy.

To distract you from the real meaning of life.

To drag you down…

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